I set up the site again

It’s now orange and on Squarespace. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PODCAST OR YOUTUBER. Not me though, even though I Youtube occasionally.

I don’t know why I keep on doing this. I’ve had the domain for at least 20 years now (aside from an inconvenient interruption) and I have the data from all the old sites. I used to have art and stories and stuff to share and now I pretty much don’t do that anymore.

I did use some e-mail addresses hooked up to the domain though, and I’m not totally sure that nothing important is pointed at them. Crap. (Both Joker and Hostgator had better mail options available if you host the domain with them, though I have beef with Hostgator for the all the site management tools completely failing.)

Anyway! I do have some projects I want to fool around with. If I ever do that, maybe I’ll say something about them.

Also, fascism is on the rise in the United States (and worldwide!) and that sucks. Fuck fascists. I hope we don’t all die from that or climate change.


Book Review: "Freeze-Frame Revolution" by Peter Watts