Response to Who Are You

The “Hands Arts for Humans” (HA4H) livestream has started encouraging daily writing exercises. Common prompts are being shared. This has actually motivated/inspired me, so yay! See M’s Patreon or Vi’s Patreon if hand arts sound good, and hang out on the Discord with the hand-artist crowd.

in response to Vi’s e-mail “HA4H Section Complete! Who are You”,
specifically the question

Is it time for an update in some aspect of how you think about yourself?

It’s going to take a lot for me to feel like an artist. “Professional writer” is even hard for me to grasp. I know I judge myself more harshly than I would somebody else in an identical situation, but I still haven’t gotten out of that head/feel space. I am realizing, though, that as jumbled-up (moooooooooooshed lol) as my feelings are, I’m proud of a lot of the things I’ve done. Even going back to work as a kid, there are nuggets of delight in there, and that’s pretty good.




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